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Pennzoil Motor Oil

Kendall Oil in Mobile, AL

Do More with Pennzoil Motor Oil

Protect your engine with Pennzoil motor oil. Choose between full synthetic, synthetic blend, high mileage, and conventional oil during your next oil change at Fausak Express Lube. No matter which Pennzoil motor oil you choose, you're engine will benefit in performance.

Each Pennzoil motor oil is made with a unique formula that provides special benefits for certain driving styles.

What Oil Should I Get?

The right type of Pennzoil motor oil depends on what you want your oil to do and how you drive. Read our synthetic oil vs conventional oil page, and use the chart below to help you find the best match:

Pennzoil Motor Oil in Semmes, AL

*For disclaimers and more information, see the Pennzoil motor oil website

You can also check out this in-depth motor oil comparison chart. If you're still not certain which oil would be the greatest benefit to you, ask our team to help.

Why Use Pennzoil?

Pennzoil is the leader in engine sludge and wear protection. When it comes to the performance of your vehicle, a clean engine is more essential today than ever before. However, your engine can't work and stay pristine by itself. Every time you turn the key, your engine generates acids, gasses, water vapor, and fuel by-products that end up in your motor oil. If left alone, the contaminants would clog passages, slow down moving parts, and reduce your engine's performance. Take a look below to see what happens in your engine:

Pennzoil Motor Oil in Saraland, AL

Using Pennzoil with Active Cleaning Agents™ helps keep your engine clean, prevents clogs, and ensures proper engine performance. We're proud to be your local Pennzoil dealer, and encourage you to switch to Pennzoil if you haven't already the next time you're in Mobile, AL, Semmes, AL, Saraland, AL, or a surrounding area and need an oil change.

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